B.Ph & M.Ph

♦The Institute offers a three year course leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (B.Ph.) and a two year course portitem2leading to a Master’s Degree in Philosophy (M.Ph.) with specialization in the fields of Education and Social Communication.

♦ As an exception, the institute offers a two year diploma course in Philosophy. Admission to this course will be on a case by case basis. A certificate and marksheet will be awarded from the local institute, and not from the affiliating and aggregating body.

The students of Divyadaan fall under two categories: degree students and diploma students.
1. Degree students are those who are registered in the Institute and pursue studies therein that lead to academic degrees.
2. Diploma students are those who are registered in the Institute and frequent all or some of the academic sessions, but either are not able to or else do not wish to fulfill the requirements for gaining academic degrees.

A diploma student can become a degree student with the permission of the Principal.
The Institute is also open to guest students who may register for and frequent one or more courses in the Institute.



Admission to B.Ph

♦ In order to be admitted to the B.Ph. Degree Course, it is required that the student has completed the Pre-University / Pre-degree / Higher Secondary certificate examination.

Admission to M.Ph

♦ In order to be admitted to M.Ph. Degree Course, it is required:
1. that clerical candidates have gained with good success the B.Ph. degree or diploma in philosophy from a recognized Ecclesiastical Faculty, Institute or College.
2. that other candidates have a B.A. or its equivalent and have completed an adequate course of philosophical studies in a recognized institute.
3. that all authenticated documents covering previous studies be presented along with the duly filled-in application form;
4. that candidates have passed the entrance examaination conducted by the Institute.
5. The student must know one other modern European language besides English. Those wanting to specialize in Indian Philosophy should have already attended a basic course in Sanskrit.