Ian Pinto SDB

The biennial display of culture at Divyadaan, took place on the 17th of November, 2018 in the Divyadaan hall. The event was coupled with the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Frs. Ashley Miranda, James Nigrel and Wyman Gonsalves, both currently serving as professors at the Institute. The event created quite a bit of excitement around the campus and one could observe an overflow of all that excitement and energy on stage with the wonderfully diverse displays of cultures ranging from the North-east of India right down to the southernmost tip.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Rt. Rev. Bishop Lourdes Daniel, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nashik. He introduced the evening by felicitating the silver jubilarians and by praising the initiative of the Institute of fostering cultural expression and exchange. The student-brothers from the various parts of India staged short items depicting the folk culture, dress, dance, songs and lifestyle of their respective regions. While most did so through the medium of dance, some chose to do so through drama and song.

The audience expressed great pleasure and appreciation on seeing the colours and cultures of India all under one-roof. One of the viewers shared, “There’s no better way that I could have spent an evening than right here.” The event was indeed an enriching and not to mention, an immensely entertaining one. The words of one of the brothers, sums it up quite well; he said, “I’m grateful for the opportunity that was given to us to display our culture. I feel proud of my own culture as well as of the cultural diversity that our country and our Institute enjoys.”