Nurturing Presence


In Nurturing Presence: A Spirituality for Educators, Based on the Pedagogical Insights of Don Bosco and Carl Rogers  Kenneth Pereira delves into the meaning of 'spirituality' and then points out in what sense Don Bosco's and Carl Rogers' approaches to education could be regarded as 'spirituality'... and a spirituality for educators, at that!

The common platform on which Bosco and Rogers are brought together is the high premium that both of them place on the 'nurturing presence' of the educator--with varying emphases--in the life of the educand. In the final chapter, the author takes a critical look at the views of both protagonists and shows how various insights from one can supplement and enrich the other, leading to a rich (though cautious) synthesis.









'Brahman and Person' is a collection of fourteen essays by the late Richard De Smet, SJ (1916-1997) on the topic of person in Indian thought. Overturning the current interpretation, De Smet proposes that the nirguṇa Brahman can be regarded as properly personal, provided person is understood in the original and classical sense that emerged in the Christian effort to speak about the mysteries of the Trinity and the Incarnation. Instead, the rendering of saguṇa and nirguṇa Brahman as personal and impersonal originated with the Western translators of Sanskrit works, who were influenced by an individualistic idea of the person and the consequent restriction of its application to the human being.

This collection of essays by an eminent Indologist constitutes an important contribution not only to Indological studies but also to cross-cultural and interreligious dialogue.









'Keeping the Faith' is a Festschrift offered to Joaquim D’Souza, SDB on his 70th birthday and the golden jubilee of his first religious profession in the Salesian Society of Don Bosco. Fr D’Souza, who specializes in medieval Western philosophy and the thought of Jacques Maritain, is the founding principal of Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik – India, and the founder of Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education. This Festschrift is a homage to the passion, commitment and competence of a revered teacher and man of faith.












‘Revolution of Tenderness’ is a collection of inspiring articles written and compiled by the Mph students of the year 2015-2016 as a souvenir for the extraordinary jubilee year of mercy. The various articles encompass aspects such as need for compassion, power to genuine, active listening and amplify examples of magnanimity and the logic of justice and peace. This book urges the young readers to practice the qualities of mercy, compassion, forgiveness and genuineness in their daily lives.


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