Release of the Book by Fr Felix Fernandes – Levinas and the Asymmetrical relations



Cl Ian Pinto

November 2nd 2017: Divyadaan, Salesian Institute of Philosophy witnesses the release of the book entitled, “Levinas and the Asymmetrical Relation” at the hands of Don Mauro Mantovani sdb, the Rector Magnificus of the Salesian Pontifical University, Rome, and Don Jaroslav Rochowiak sdb, the secretary general of the same university on 2nd November 2017. A simultaneous release of the book was held at Don Bosco Odxel, Goa along with the author Fr Felix Fernandes and in the presence of other Provincial council members. 

Fr Banzelao, the principal of Divyadaan, presented a brief synopsis of the book before its release. Fr Robert, the rector of Divyadaan, presented a copy of the book to Don Mauro and Don Jaroslav on behalf of the author and the institute.


Emmanuel Levinas was a Jewish philosopher who lived in the latter half of the last century and who acquired fame for his original writings that were filled with striking phrases and insights for example ‘face of the other’ and ‘exteriority’. His philosophy is not high in-the-clouds but is situated in the mundane experiences of human living in society. Owing to his prior interest in philosophical anthropology, Fr Felix felt inspired by the thoughts of Emmanuel Levinas and desired to enter in-depth into his philosophy. This book is the fruit of his doctoral research carried out in the Salesian Pontifical University, Rome.

The crux of the book lies in the examination of the asymmetrical relations between human beings and its relevance for justice relations. The book doesn’t attempt to compare or contrast Levinas’ understanding of the ethical relation with that of other philosophers. The book consists of five chapters besides a general introduction and conclusion. The first chapter outlines the biography of Levinas. The subsequent chapters explore his philosophy of asymmetrical relations and the other from an anthropological and ethical viewpoint. The book sheds light on a number of social evils that the contemporary world faces and offers a guide to navigate the rough and hostile waters of justice, peace and fraternity.