Neil Fernandes SDB

            In keeping with the 150th year of Gandhi’s birth, the second year students of philosophy chose “The Legacy of Gandhi” as the topic for the Annual Symposium held in Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy on 15th December 2018. The event began with a prayer service at 2.00 pm. The moderator, Abhinay Reddy welcomed the gathering and introduced the topic. There were three speakers, Chatla Velangini Raju, Clive De Mello, and Neil Fernandes.

            Velangini focused his talk on Gandhi’s vision for India. The talk was divided into five points: Religious Tolerance, Caste, Constitution, Non-Violence and Truth. Clive emphasized on Dr. Ambedkar’s critic of Gandhi based on the separate electorates for those who fall on the lower rung of the caste system. Neil spoke on how Hindutva is a rising force today and is trying to derail Gandhi’s legacy with their ideology. After the three talks the floor was open for clarifications and comments. After fiery discussions we concluded that Gandhi’s contribution to India is indispensable and we need to carry on his legacy.